And when there are already little or nothing that surprises us, here is a wedding proposal turning things around.
Not by the location, by the incredible light, by the people who treated us so well, but by the unexpected situation, a kind of inverted proposal that makes it much more magical and intense.

Who planned this wedding proposal was Roshni! And for us there is no better assurance of someone who knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it, to make the world run and move forward.
And it was quite a surprise!
We believe that if she was nervous, we were literally in the clouds. The only person completely oblivious to everything that was about to happen was Kevin, relaxed on an holiday tour of two and discredited when Roshni surprised him with a ring that she herself had brought!
What a woman!

The place could not be better chosen: the Pena Palace in Sintra, a place so often repeated but which surprises us at every visit and every shoot. A place where the eyes get lost in the horizon and lingers in the landscape view.
The smell of the mountains, the green, a place of magic and so many stories, the only place in the world where we wanted to be: here, telling this story!

Another wedding proposal live and in colors, incredibly planned with the Flytographer team of which, so proudly, we are part of.
Dazzle yourselves with the scenery, with the emotion of the proposal, with this story:

7th September of 2016