A wedding proposal.
One of those emotional moments, that highlight forever the course of a story of two.
The expectation of a positive answer, the surprise of a question made with a startled heart and all the nerves that invade us with the responsibility of documenting such a special moment.

It's not enough to come and expect it to happen.
It's necessary to work on the preparation and planning, to choose the place and the exact positions and if all this is done with an ocean in the middle, the difficulties grow in proportion to the enthusiasm, in an exchange of words in time zones that go around the world.
A beautiful photograph is not enough. We want you to have spectacular pictures, at the level of the event and this is built up on work.

We know that all setbacks are overcome when the will to do is huge and when the moment finally arrives... wow!
It can't be described the mixture of everything that suffocates in a tight chest at the same time that the right frame is chosen, that the photographs are taken with soul and heart attached at each shot.

With Filipa and Rommel it was no different and the surprise was double!
Rommel crossed the ocean that separates them one day ahead of schedule and Filipa, who thought she was going to deal with bureaucracies with a lady from the embassy, came upon a longing and passionate Rommel in the middle of Terreiro do Paço.
Then it was time to overcome the homesickness and to control the nerves and the emotions until the agreed moment, exalted by the beautiful evening light of the city of Lisbon.

It wasn't easy to go unnoticed, to control the enthusiasm, to curb the emotions, but it was worth every second for the incredible opportunity to witness this true demonstration of love.

No matter how many stories I tell and how many wedding proposals that I am lucky enough to photograph, each one is special and unique.
And we believe you want to tell it, forever, like this.

Another Flytographer shoot!

25th November of 2016