Celebrate 20 years of marriage is not for everyone.
We know that in these days everything happens too quickly, too tasteless but there are still stories like this.
It's 20 years aspiring to an eternity and, the best of all, six children! And to see them all together, in the Christmas postcard we just received, is to believe with even more faith that love is still the way! What an incredible family!

Kathryn and Scott took advantage of such a special date to cross the ocean towards Europe: Madrid, Lisbon and Rome were the destinations chosen as the stage for these moments of two.
In each of the cities they decided to find a Flytographer photographer to record the moment and we were the lucky ones to meet this so friendly couple that allowed us to start the day in the best way!
If you want to photograph in the center of the city without anyone, with the peace and quiet that a still-dormant city offers, the best is to not to look at the clock and forget the laziness. As soon as the first ray of sunshine comes we are already set to begin our session and the places, that otherwise would be full of people, curious and tourists, will be reserved only for us.

And the dawn in Lisbon, by the river, is undoubtedly an experience you will not want to miss!

Memories, images, words remain... and what better feedback could we receive than a postcard that crossed the ocean to meet us and these words that give us in return much more than we expected to receive?:

Our time in Lisbon was short, so I am eternally grateful Ana Lucia captured these AMAZING photos at Belem on a picture-perfect morning. Honestly? We will cherish them forever. Not only do we adore the photos, but our entire experience with Flytographer was just fantastic. I don't think I expected to gain a new friend in the process. Thank you for making our 20th anniversary so memorable!

Thank you family!
And hope you can come back soon, with the rest of the family we'd love to meet!

Another Flytographer session, always doing magic!

20th December of 2016