There are whole oceans that separate, that fit around islands and overflow in paradisiacal beaches, impossible to swim to reach the other shore.
But the oceans also join, like an incredible bridge reflecting the the sky that takes us out from here to the world... or just to Brazil.
And when an entire ocean conspires to join what could not be otherwise, let us not rise many waves!

A bridge that are we in our ties, affections, in the hugs, the smiles, in the afternoons with friends on an esplanade on the sand that the ocean comes to touch.

An entire ocean in the same session and bridges, all the possible ones for one day: the one we crossed towards south, the one that make us seat at the same coffee table, the one that is the two of you when you are together.
A bridge that no longer gives in and that, sometimes here, others in the other side, seems to dethrone, in your exchange of glances, the more solid of all bridges. An unshakable engineering, yours, of hand in hand, exchanged glances and stolen kisses!

Shooting friends is like so, different and special... is not work. It's to shake the sand from the pants folds and lose the eyes on images impossible to choose.

Their memories, their story, they, their session ... and in the end all so ours!

Like so bridges are build, memories are kept... an entire ocean is crossed without leaving the same place.
Only like so:

13th September of 2016