... sigh!
We are missing hours to days, sleep to nights, but never salt to life.
We walk in this hustle of living so many forms of love that the time to appease the wait and bestowed these pages with so many good times we have saved lacks.

We bring the image of today from saturday, the day that marked the beginning of a marathon of ten consecutive days shooting.
But although the weariness tries to take up space, that is how we breathe in, we reload our level of creativity to its peak and that we fulfill our goal of being happy.

With friends of friends, among friends!
In such an intense way that emotions take hold of us and we transport ourselves to another parallel dimension where the world is truly a happy place.
And afterwards? Afterwards the night falls... the feeling of accomplishment takes our machine to find a way to any table, the feet move towards the dance floor and the arms to meet these bride and groom, ours, the bests, ever!
Eternally grateful, even with sore wrists, tired feet, there is no substitute for the feeling that invades us after such a day.
There is no substitute to these hours of intense work that we remember as a version of happy days, nothing that makes us feel more alive, more fulfilled... more ourselves.

Someone we admire once said that what transpired in her photographs was the fact that she was not afraid of falling in love with the people she photographed. *
And this it! So this! Just this!

These people are ours without being ours, we are whole and complete during those times when our way of being is their story.
And our people are always like this: desirable to take home!

Thank you Sílvia and Pedro!
If that doesn't required so much work we would live this day over and over again, in an endless repetition with the sense of eternity that we always want to give to all the good stuff!

It was so:

* " A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people." Annie Leibovitz

28th July of 2015