Once upon a time ...
...there was an enchanted place: a forest full of children, dreams and so much talent!
It was here that we photographed the Ana Rocha Campaign, last summer, and from which today we show some more pictures!
Not all, because, believe us, it would be a long post!

This campaign was a milestone in the Ana Rocha brand and was also a turning point for many good things that were to come, not just for Ana but also for the picpuffin world!
By the hands of this campaign we were news in some well-known places, magazines and publications, but also we get to know new families and beautiful children who we start seeing once in a while in new sessions and who bring in other families, brides and an open door for so many other good things!

It was a privilege and an honor to photograph a brand we follow step by step since the beginning and to witness the richness and quality of its products!
There is no doubt that all the effort, dedication and commitment is rewarded and is also like this, trying hard to be better every day, that we walk slowly this our way!

Again we would like to thank these fantastic children who made our day!
The parents who have given us their best for this session!
Ana Rocha who made his all possible, contaminating us with a dream that is her dream and that also happened to be a little bit ours!
And S. Peter for giving us such a day, so but so hot that we could only have photographed in this place, chosen with the fear that the local microclimate would made us spend an afternoon with cold!

Those were moments we keep with affection, joy and lots of fun and that we show today!
... and they lived happily ever after!

More photos and information about the products can be found in the Ana Rocha catalog, here!
And you may also know more and not resist to the wonderful world Ana Rocha on the site and the facebook page of the brand!

2nd December of 2013