We are Lúcia and Sérgio, storytellers, intrepid wedding and lifestyle photographers, deeply passionate about people, their stories and all the little details that make their uniqueness shine through. But this isn’t just about photography: it’s about love, passion, emotions, connection, commitment and the overall experience!

As architects we have a creative and distinctive vision on building unique and timeless images, beautifully balancing space and light in contrast with the rawness of the emotions. And you too can become the architect of your own story!
As a couple we have been together for so long and know each other so well that we can speak without talk, we complement each other’s approaches and we are utterly committed into providing a memorable experience and, more than a bunch of random photos, a well-curated and emotively documented story of your special moments together. We want it to be epic!

It’s your story, tell it!
Drop us a line using our email ola@terradashistorias.com or the contact form.

Because from now on, it’s our story too!



Since I was a child, I have been an excellent book stacker.
I am for the stories, the happy endings, even knowing that a good story never ends.
Ice cream, popcorn and peanut butter eater.
I like to look at the sky and shape the clouds.
I like to write.
And I know that your story is the one lacking me to tell!


I'm a faithful practitioner of the object worship.
I am for the ideas at the rhythm of the minute hand, I like to invent, to create, to give shape and to transform.
I'm the place where ideas flow in the smallness of 24 hours.
I like to ride my bike and snow.
I like freedom, adventure, walking without destiny.
But I know that together we can get further!