A magical place where a few hours before the rain filled each one of the path puddles.
The cold air, the smell of green that penetrates the skin and that is always missed.

We are from here, we go from here to everywhere always with Sintra in the eyes, in the skin, in the memory.
So many places to explore, so many nooks, a thousand and one mysteries and stories about the mountain.

This time a story that repeats.
Characters who are ours from other stories and that this time wear a different outfit and give life to the same characters in a new chapter and a different scenario.
For the third time this family and yet as if it were the first. The same enthusiasm, the same gleam in the eyes wanting to shoot more, documenting more, better telling the story of this chapter with details that were not discovered in previous chapters.

A shoot that had different scenarios.
A shoot that inspired and to inspire.
Like so:

7th August of 2015