Tiny, sweet, fragile.
Melting us with a her tiny feet, tiny hands, smiles and expressions... and even with one or another unexpected "surprise".

She slept almost the entire shoot, even in an different environment from the one where she already feels like home even without knowing the meaning of home.
We know that an environmental change is not always accepted with the lightness of a nap and maybe so, despite how much we love to do these sessions in the studio, is in the comfort of home that we have been registering, increasingly, these first days of life.

This is the way to welcome a new life and a baby to your story and your family, building memories of these moments so that they can remember them forever.
We want that in this little heart may live, since the beginning, the best memories of when it was so small that we can't barely believe it. We want them to know how these so doting parents were in front of this new life that binds forever one and the other, in a magical combination and always in doubt about whom will she look more like.

We want these moments of tenderness and enchantment to last forever.
Whenever a baby is born, a mother and a father also born.
And where there's a baby, it's where we want to be!

Like this:

4th May of 2016