We are far away, but close and this is the advantage of a photography: we can always carry with us memories of unrepeatable moments, crisp and in colors, so they can live with us far beyond the lived moment.

This photo shoot is old.
Camila is now bigger, restless, challenging us to play and mischief, but remains determined as the day that we met her.
For us, in this moment we remember today, Camilla remains like so, tiny, helpless, frozen in a little bit of time, well beyond oblivion.
A tiny and delicate baby, who we just wanted to have in our lap and to contemplate at every breath.

It was a difficult photoshoot, it really was, but it really worth it at all. Because today, already grown up but forever a baby to everyone who takes care of her, she can also review and know herself so tiny, a memory that she would never have access if there weren't these images.
And what better testimony of love, ties and affections can we leave to our children than a legacy of memories and moments that will prevail forever in the heart of the family?

Today we remember, with longing, Camila when she was still so tiny.
Like this, far away, but always so close!
And are or aren't these good memories?

18th February of 2016