I knew since the first minute I met Julia that I wanted to photograph her. Maybe it's her inexhaustible energy, or perhaps her agile brazenness with which she leads life forward with the force of a typhoon or even, perhaps, the unheeding ingenuity of giving kisses and hugs freely, that captivates.

I envy her healthily in wishing to be like so: give a brave shake to problems like whom pushes the hair back of the shoulder or shakes the sand out from the shoes, recharging the energy in every step of the way and go straight ahead without the destination being decisive on purpose.

An energy that overflows in gentleness and sweetness and that, a the minimum distraction of her parents parents, we would like to fold in half, put in a pocket and take it home.

To meet Julia there is a brother on his way, in the luck of being the youngest, in the hope of appeasing so much energy or to double it, but always with the certainty that he will have the best of all places in the heart of his sister. The two of them, brother and sister, hand in hand in life and with the privileged distinction of having known this mother from one of her most beautiful sides: the inside.

And once again we like so, lost in this story and in time, bristly to witness this strange magic of conceiving and give life.

The love, always the love.
Special places, amazing people.

28th April of 2016