Since we started this adventure, many other adventures have been crossing with ours.
Some very boldest and unbeatably exciting.

We met Rachael in an hot day, right in the heart of Lisbon.
It was May, but it looked more like August!

Rachael was ending a spectacular adventure: three months of backpacking, 22 countries and her anniversary that brought her this session as a gift.
At the eyes of someone who has seen a lot, so much, it was good to know that she would stay longer around here, if it was not the scheduled home return.

We are sure that, in her luggage, she will surely carry the best memories and stories to tell.
A fun afternoon in which the work mixed with an unique sharing of experiences and a strong desire to go to Canada!
Maybe one day?

An experience provided by the family who offered the session and by Flytographer, always unique and tireless to make each session an unique experience for those who shoot and for those who are photographed. It's been great to be part of such a special team!

Today we remember this day, these eyes that captivated and a different story, like this:

A Flytographer session.
Cause they believe that memories are the best souvenirs and so do we!

4th August 2015