How many memories do we already keep from this family? I don't know.
Few, in proportion to how loved they already are to us. Family of themselves and of ourselves too, as if this Vicente was not "our" Vicente!

I know that the sudden passing of all the good times is a misplaced and unparalleled injustice.
An headache, a flu.. last forever! An afternoon at the beach, moments in the company of the best people we could have around... a blink of an eye!
And we deal pretty bad with injustice! We feel like breaking the glass of the clock and halt, once and for all, the clock hands and only wind it at the pace that we wanted to.

We want to go back in time, to the day we celebrated the two-years of Vicente!
Where there was party and games, laps and pampering to distribute for all children and happy moments to share.
We want to come back to this day that seems to have been yesterday:

Or even further back, to this one:

Do not try to figure out the differences, do not strive to understand how from here to there it has been a year. A year that can be noticed in Vicente, but that is imperceptible in the trees, the mountains, the color of the sky. A year of life, games... memories that we keep more than in the disks, in us!

Happy birthday Vicente!
But wait. Take your time in each game, lose yourself in your mischief, do not be restrained in smiles and hugs or closed face from who has other plans... because,after all, tomorrow is already tomorrow.

6th July of 2016