The story that today we leaf through, leaving uncovered another page, brings usalready familiar faces and smiles.
It all started a few years ago at Hotel da Estrela, where we photographed the day when family and friends were invited to share the joy of Helena's christening.
Then we revisited the story a little further ahead, with a sunset that never ends, in a beautiful garden in Paris. Long before Helena even dream that she would play one of the most important roles ever: the big sister one!

With this shoot we went back to Estrela, where it all began and because we always come back to places where, once, we have been so happy. We reviewed the family that are already so dear to us and met the new element with blue, curious eyes and getting used to this new experience of machines and lenses and stories to tell.

We were in Paris when Leonor was born, with nothing scheduled and in what we can call one more of the amazing coincidences of life. But even if Paris dazzles with its light out of this world, it feels great to review them so, in full vacation mode, around here, full of friends, family, hugs and one or another foot dropped by the sea.

Thank you for making, once again, part of our history, letting us tell yours, like this:

29th August of 2016