Already many days were added up to the two years, there are already more years in these two years, but this day remains so, engraved in memory and in some pictures that will bring it crystal clear until the day we want to remember it.

It was a super mini photoshoot, which between one day and another ended up being booked on the day thatthe two years were completed. A day of celebration and play, shared with family and friends and that culminated in this session. A kind of icing on the cake, but with a very special flavor.

Little did we knew that this family of three was already a family of four, still invisible to our eyes but that soon, a few months later, the best of all the best gifts would come on a baby girl format.
The truth is that after these two, many more two years passed by, but we will bring always in memory these moments, the games and mischief. And we are sure that no one will remember so well their first two years of life, like these!

Remember with us this summer afternoon in a garden where we always come back, even if only to relive memories of afternoons so as well spent.
Like so two years of life are celebrated, and like so life is completed:

8th February 0f 2016