We delay stories because there are stories that can't find a place in words to be told.
Almost like when we go to an amazing place but it seems that photos can not show how amazing the place is, because a part of that amazing place lives in us.

Part of this story lives, still, within us. And we turn around words, the ones we know and the ones the dictionary reminds us and they all look tiny and fragile, far from how amazing this session was.

There is a place between a father and a mother where when love is too much, overflows and gives way to a new life. A small and cozy place, huge at our eyes. A place that we reach when they open their house and arms to moments like this.
We found this place occupied by Diana that, great in the sighs that she pulls from us and in the warmth that she leaves in our heart, still left room for love, complicity, the exchange of glances and hands in hands of this parents who, if we call ruffles, we fall short.

Love, just love.
That good comfort of knowing a safe haven lulled by any music that plays on the radio

Dawn every day like his, yes, with the light, the sea and river view, but especially in this cloud of tenderness.
It was so special that it is almost untouchable, a moment forever in the story of this family, a moment forever kept by us, writing with a permanent ink pen in our story

Dawn every day like this, yes, please. Yes!
Thank you dear family!


26th April of 2016