Each day as if it were the last one.

I take a deep breath and I still bring clinging to the body the emotions of this day. It's like when we greet someone with a stronger perfume and that good smell follow us throughout the day.

There is no secret about how much I have affection for the amazing people I have the good fortune to meet, shoot and many of my brides and grooms (yes, forever my brides and grooms) are now friends from whom I keep the best memories and whith whom, I'm sure, many more chapters I will have to live, together. People who crossed my way and that I will do everything to make them stay. Stories of families that I saw starting and slowly are bearing the most delicious fruits with tiny bodies and delicate feet to whom I make sure I borrow my lap.

Now when best friends are my bride and groom and my bride and groom are my best friends is such an explosive mixture that, for a moment, I doubted I would survive and be here right now, still with some butterflies and not knowing what to write, to appease the curiosity of all who, generously, followed us on this adventure.

In this wedding I gathered more functions than the smallness of my meter and a half of human being might allow me. I was a photographer, a friend, a guest, a maid of honour ... but, more than anything, I was there! I was present and that was the best part!

I survived.
I turned the emotions into my cane to give everything I am to every shot. And pulled the universe out of my soul so that, as far as I could, everything was more than perfect.

It was an amazing day!
And more than a good memory that I want to give to all who were present, I want to keep another piece of me grabbed the these images that are forever.
And I want them to keep themselves like this, so passionate, overflowing this light that overshadows and inspires, that gets into the skin, which lasts foreves and that is so wanted.

Friends are, truly, the family we choose!
And looking at these two, we must say we are experts in good choices.

Because life is really to be lived like this.
Each day as if it were the last.

And that each image reminds us that forever!

30th May of 2016