We ended a busy week with a golden key.
We met Francisca and her family, a family that came from far away, maybe from the land where dreams live.
From a distance they prepared an unforgettable evening for their family and friends who wanted to be present.

The adventure started at Sé de Lisboa where we have disputed flashes with lots of tourists that also passed by.
Francisca walked from lap to lap, always in good mood, eyes with a color blending the sky and the sea from whom sees beyond the world. The tantrum only came later, in the absence of the feeding bottle and as the belly complained about the warmth of a content.

Then the celebration: Páteo Alfacinha welcomed us, full of color and life, with a decoration overflowing good taste and it was where we recorded this first memory that we show today.
Because there are good days, because there are days like this.
Because there are families that look so good here, at Qatar or anywhere else in the world.
Because there are families who live far away, in places that we do not know the color and that we wanted to have always like so:

12th August of 2015