Christening days are also family days!
May the party be bigger or smaller, it's all about the purpose, the reason that leads us to be, together, in that day, that moment, that place.

The day we met João and family was the christening the day. We were welcomed by the big brother Gonçalo who opened up the door and the smile, who fled from the photos but from whom, in no time, we win the confidence with unfulfilled promises of a ball game on the beach.
João was always in good mood and never cried, not even when the cold baptism water helped to cool the warmth coming from the outside.

The sun shone even though around Ericeira it was a bit cloudy and considerably cooler and the will to set foot in the sand faded with the mist coming from the sea and conquering land.
And how lucky we were in telling this story like so, with the smell of sea and a so special family.

Remains the desire to return to Ericeira for new story or just for a swim at the sea, the real sea, and the memories, good ones, forever, from a very special day:

20th July of 2016