2016 has arrived about five days ago!
Five days that sliped from our hands at the same speed with which 2015 has escaped us.

I had to write a few times on a paper, as if to make sure of a fact, the date of 1st January. I wrote January 1st of 2016 in several ways, in numbers, in writing, to savor the round number, to ensure that I had arrived here.
That moment when you think, "Damn, yesterday was still 1992!"

I never liked even numbers, always made myself believe, with conviction, that there should be any even years curse that befalls over us with tragedy proportions.
This year the aim is to thwart any and all dashed expectations, taking the eminence of tragedy and turning it into a victory flag.

There is an huge change happening in our lives, something we denied for a while and that has started to be installed beyond our unbelief and resistance. Basically, we are all averse to change. Maybe because we will be forever nostalgic for what was left behind, perhaps because what is there ahead is unknown and uncertain. But now the change is not a doubt, it is a fact, and it's being operated on a full rhythm behind the scenes. We really want you to change with us and to be part of this change, but all the steps in this way will have to be careful and safe, whenever possible, we will use every stone of the way to sit down and reflect in what we are doing in between the lines of life.
Change was imperative and although all the 12 grapes relapsed in a quick and effective change, the truth is that midnight has passed and it was all the same!
Nothing changes from one day to the next, even if we eat all the raisins and melt pot lids by the windows, of hitting them so much, things take time and this year we will give more time to the things!

And here we are, adapting to the change!
Hello life! Hello earth (TERRA)! Hello 2016!

4th January of 2016