Ana Lúcia da Cruz


Ana Lúcia da Cruz



I have two first names. Suitable for the anger of any mother in the practice of some nonsense.
I am Ana Lúcia, so less Ana, repeatedly Lúcia.

I am a earth grain restless, agitated, alive.
A combination of all the stories I read, I told and heard. A piece of each person, of every adventure, a little bit of each day, of the trees shadows and the sky color.
Within me live a lot of the places I knew, mixed with sea salt and some sand on the feet.

I love stories, books.
To close my eyes and feel the wind on the skin the air coming from who knows where and that have swept so many places, so many stories.
I like to tell stories, to root them in earth grain that I am, to feel them, to dream them.

I'm an architect. I am a photographer. I am a storyteller.
I am made of stories.
Mine and all the others.
And I want to know yours!



Sérgio Garcês Marques

Sérgio Garcês Marques



I was born between the sea and the countryside in the crazy '80s.
I grew up with "Amigos do Gaspar" (a children tv show), leaning against my father I saw the Star Wars, with my mother I learned to dream.

I'm addicted in having ideas and like to be between my notebook, where I think with the pen, and the dirty hands with materials with which I like to build, beyond the dreams, the truth.

I am happy with the silence and friends on a conversation in the sun, with a snowboard on the feet or my scooter I'm always looking for the next adventure.

I always wanted to be an architect to be able to build what I think but in photography I found a way to save the world as I dream.

I hope you trust me to tell your story and anchor it to the ground with everything I am.